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For us, opening a bottle of wine has always been about a moment in time. It is a reason to pause and pay attention to what really matters. Wine is about creating shared experiences and memories that will last forever. It is our hope that the wines we make will help you create experiences that you cherish with those people you love.


our wine

We are dedicated to crafting the finest wine made with the best grapes our land has to offer and to share our dedication and passion with friends old and new.  We are excited to share our journey and our wine with you, and we hope you share it with others and create memories together.

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the shack

@Kahal Family Vineyards


Gorgeous 360° views from the bungalow located amidst our 23 acre vineyard. Wake up to the sound of birds singing. Enjoy 80 acres all to yourself with hiking trails, picnic locations and scenic lookouts. Watch endless sunsets. Enjoy watching the stars in the breathtaking night sky. Or simply do nothing!



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