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our story

In January 1999, we wrote down our goals for the future.  They contained the usual things like more exercise and better finances, but also something very specific: own a vineyard and produce commercially by July 2019. A move from California to Connecticut as well as family and work obligations put that dream on hold. The desire was rekindled in 2009 when Shawn gave Dave a home winemaking kit for his birthday. While that wine was not drinkable, it ignited passion for the vinification process. In August of 2016, after many, many home vintages, we found the land of our dreams in beautiful Indian Valley in Monterey County, CA. For several years we worked on our licensing and the logistics of making wine from our first harvest while still living in Connecticut. As we reviewed our goals in June of 2019, we stumbled upon our old goals for 1999. We couldn't believe it.  We would have our fist vintage ready to sell and be licensed as a winery July 2019! Join us as we create magic from our vineyard in San Miguel!

~Dave & Shawn Kahal

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