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Our Story

The wine lifestyle was on our minds back in 1994 when we had our wedding reception at Zaca Mesa Winery in Los Olivos, CA. It continued when we had our daughter in 1997 and began our search of the Central Coast for our dream property for our vineyard. Life threw us a little curve ball in October of 2000 when we set off for the East Coast. Eight years later, now with three children and a dog we finally decided we should at least give a shot at winemaking while living in CT. I purchased a wine kit for Dave's birthday. Even though what was made from that kit was pretty yucky, Dave was hooked on winemaking. In October 2009 we made our first vintage of Cabernet from actual grapes imported from Napa. Kahal Family Vineyards was born in our basement in Connecticut. We fermented in small batches and in glass carboys. We aged with little baby oak barrels, and patiently waited to taste that first vintage. Only a couple of cases were made to share with friends and family. With encouragement, we began to make a little more every year so that we could continue to refine our technique and hone our craft (and add equipment). Finally, in August of 2016 we made our dream a reality when we purchased our vineyard in the southern most part of Monterey County, in San Miguel, CA. Today we hand select, hand harvest our own cabernet and merlot grapes from a special place in our vineyard. We are Dave and Shawn Kahal, we are Kahal Family Vineyards and we are so thrilled to be going into our second harvest and we look forward to sharing our very first estate grown cabernet with you in 2019!

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