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Big News!!

KFV Dec 2023 Photo cred: Regan Kahal via drone

We are excited to share that effective Jan 1, 2024, we took over the farming of our vineyard. We have been busy getting everything together to take this very important step in our wine-making journey. We feel very fortunate that we found some really great people to help us make this transition successful. This is a key component of creating a quality wine that starts with the grapes in the vineyard and we are thrilled to make this shift to a truly boutique vineyard. We promise to give updates as we go through our first growing season on our own!

February has brought significant rain to us in Paso and all over California. We are grateful that the hilly terrain of our vineyard allows for great drainage and we welcome all of this precipitation. In addition, many foggy mornings add even more moisture to the vines. It is a magical sight to see as the fog rolls into Indian Valley caressing the vines as the sun breaks through.

Right now, we are busy pruning our Cabernet and Merlot vines and will begin making many decisions with the direction and future of the vineyard. We look forward to having more control over the grape growing. We know that this will yield better results in our wine-making, creating an exceptional expression of our unique terroir.

For our wine club people, keep an eye out for your allocation email in the next couple of weeks. We are delighted to release our 2020 wines and they are only available to you as wine club members.

We are so thankful to all of you who support KFV. Withought you, we would not be able to take back the vineyard. When you purchase our wines and join our clubs you are part of the KFV family. We look forward to sharing with you our journey on the farming side!


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