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Fall 2023 @ KFV

macro bins of grapes
Merlot grape harvest

We are thrilled with the fruit we harvested at KFV this fall. We had a very wet winter and spring with a cool start to summer which helped the grapes have a slow and consistent ripening pattern which lead to a long hang time on the vine before harvest. This allows the grapes to develop complex and deep flavors. We are waiting anxiously for fermentation to complete and the aging process to begin in barrel so we can see what this 2023 vintage will bring.

Now that harvest is in the books, we turn our attention to the vineyard. It's time to prepare it to sleep for the winter. Big things are planned for 2024 and we will improve our farming practices at the vineyard. Two new electric tractors will help us with this endeavor and we can't wait! See them here.

people at a wine event
October KFV wine tasting in Denver

As we prepare for the cooler weather ahead, we are reminded of all of the warm friendships we made during our wine tastings this year and we are thankful for the support we receive from all of our wine families, friends and fans. Because of you, we are able to maintain and improve our vineyard and continue to make our wine. As we become more hands on with the farming, your support will be even more instrumental in running our vineyard and winery. By maintaining and gifting club memberships, you own a little piece of Kahal Family Vineyards and we appreciate it very much! If you want KFV to come to your city to do a wine tasting click here to email Shawn with your details.

On November 6th we will introduce our holiday gift bundles. Quantities are limited so check your email for details. If you are not sure what to get, consider gifting a wine club membership. You can gift three ways: 1/ A single allocation (Spring or Fall), 2/ A full allocation (both Spring and Fall) or 3/ An ongoing membership.

Click here to find out more. To set up a wine club gift, email Shawn here.

Some deadlines to think about for the Thanksgiving holidays:

  • Mon Nov 13th last day to order to ensure delivery to Midwest/East Coast and

  • Thur Nov 16th last day for Rocky Mountains/West Coast

Visiting family or friends for the holidays? Help spread the word about Kahal Family vineyards and bring a bottle of Kahal wine to share!


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1 Comment

Nancy Macklin
Nancy Macklin
Nov 13, 2023

Congratulations on your Harvest!! Enjoy your winter!

Nancy Macklin (lake girl)

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