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Harvest is here!!

Fall is most definitely in the air. We approach this year's harvest with mixed emotions. Having our last kiddo out of the house and away at college has left us with a very empty nest. The raging fires that Sonoma and Napa are experiencing have left us with a heavy heart, though we are far enough away to be safe for now. We thought we had more time before our next harvest, but Mother Nature had other plans and the temperatures in San Miguel will again be in the 100s making harvest likely within a week. We are full of anticipation as to what vineyard will give us this year.

While we are sad to miss another harvest in person, we are excited that our newest release, a Rosé made from Tempranillo and Grenache, will be available Spring 2021! Our projects continue to move forward. COVID, fires, storms--all make this process painfully slow--but progress is progress and every step forward is a step in the right direction!

As the temperatures begin to cool, it is time to stock up on Kahal wines. We have had some great success with the 2018 and have just a little more than half of our inventory left to get you through this winter.

Stay tuned for some virtual tasting and food pairing opportunities coming up this Fall!


dave & shawn
Dave & Shawn

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Sue Morand
Sue Morand
Oct 02, 2020

Loved hearing from you, Shawn, and all that is happening at the Kahal Vineyards. So much to look forward to!!!


Loved the update, thanks for sharing your progress with us.

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