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Fall at the Vineyard

Fall at the vineyard is a magical time. Warm days (75/80) and cool nights (38/42ish) make for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The stars at night are so vivid you feel like you can touch them. The milky way is so clear.

While there, we took the opportunity to taste the 2018 Cabernet and Merlot and are very excited about it. We feel it really showcases the minerality of our land and our growth as a winery. For 2018 we will bottle the cab, the merlot and a red blend. So excited to share with you. We have some other exciting things to share as we move into the quieter times of winter. Keep a lookout on some special paks for holiday gift giving! Thank you to all who have ordered and supported our vineyard by purchasing their case and joining the "Founder's Club". Special offers will be announced in 2020 to include first dibs on allocation offering in April. Happy Fall!!


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