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Vineyard Happenings

We really miss this view. We have a lot to be thankful for, especially our team back in CA keeping everything moving along. The 2019 wines are aging beautifully. Believe it or not, we are already thinking about Harvest 2020. We are hoping to be part of it this year, but time will tell how travel will be in October. We are buying our barrels, securing our new Macro bins, and considering adding two new varietals: a Rosé of Tempranillo and an Albariño which is a white varietal from Spain. We have always wanted to do some Spanish varietals and our friends in Paso have some extra grapes to share. They will be a nice addition to our line up.

You may have noticed that right now temps are really hot! If you want to replenish your stock, we will hold your wine until September when it cools down. But if you just can't wait, we suggest that you ship UPS Overnight to keep your wine safe from these high temps/humidity.

In May, we had a wonderful virtual tasting with our Wine Founding Members. We had so much fun sharing recipes, movie clips and trivia. We also got some wonderful feedback on our 2018s! The Red Wine Blend has been selling like crazy, we have just 40 cases left. The Cab and Merlot have been steady, but we will be ramping up our tastings in the Fall. Whether it is virtual or in person, we hope to let you taste this stunning vintage! Check back at our website for details about our Fall Tastings.

We continue to be thankful for all of our supporters and truly appreciate how you have helped to make our dreams come true! We look forward to coming up with new ways to share our passion for our wine and our vineyard with you. We have some big things in store for 2021!

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Sue Morand
Sue Morand
Jul 21, 2020

Thanks for the update, Shawn! All very exciting news. Stay safe and say hello to Dave & kids.


So nice to get an update on all that is going on. I will get to taste the new vintage at some time in the future, I hope.

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